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Hardwyn Bathroom Accessories (Bath Series - Material Brass)

A series to enhance bathing spaces with appearance and spirits, activity and motionless vivid sculpts, with an effect of elegance! Hardwyn brings forth its Bath series with a novel effort to combine aesthetic advancements and yielding practicalities. We integrate our products with highest quality materials for durability, with chrome finishes that will never tarnish. The bathroom accessories are featured with anti-rotate design idea, anti-collision design conceptions which show a touch of style with a more closely integrated design style. We extend the design principles of our products into a range of superbly crafted additions to compliment the bathroom decor. We provide customized products that you possibly require to create a well organized, comfortable and sophisticated bathroom. This series fits in to the newly equipped bathing spaces, your culture and provides bodily care, serving the new ideals of hygiene in the domestic landscape of the bathroom.

Hardwyn Bathroom Accessories (Bath Series - Material Brass)

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