Green Method

Green technology and method is a program adopted by Hardwyn for process optimization and production efficiency, presented in the form of Green Lean Six Sigma’. Implementing upon this strategy, we intend to reduce use of chemicals and energy, in the process manufacture the most sophisticated energy-saving products. For instance, door closers, handles, floor springs, and other hardware accessories require no battery or power wiring.

We provide eco-friendly hardware solutions wherein our products are temperature sensitive, resilient and cost effective, benefitted for residential and commercial applications. Hardwyn brands create a comfortable environment with its living glass that generates tree-like shade for prominent residences and businesses. Our proven success of providing advanced and reliable hardware fittings and solutions has served the architects and contractors who desire superior building technology for their clients. With our comprehensive and progressive
solutions across countless homes and businesses, we have witnessed high-performance formulation delivery that is cost-effective and environment-friendly. We believe in resource conservation, sustainable manufacture, product-recycling and waste & water management in order to conduct best environmental practices. We research ways to reduce or eliminate unhealthy compounds from our manufacturing processes. We partner with green home designers, architects, builders, interior designers and contractors to enhance our corporate environmental responsibilities and help build sustainable objectives towards the society. Features of our products are:

  • Advanced technology and eco-friendly design
  • Crafted with individual comfort and global sustainability in mind
  • Optimize energy use while maintaining structural flexibility and functionality
  • Emission-compliant
  • Contributor to energy conservation technology
  • Sustainable to consumers across the residential and commercial spectrum