Green Method

Leading the Way in Environmentally-Friendly Hardware Solutions


At Hardwyn, we’ve embraced a commitment to eco-conscious practices, and we’re excited to share our Green Technology and Method program with you. Our goal is simple yet profound: to optimize our processes and enhance production efficiency while minimizing our environmental footprint. We’ve encapsulated this strategy in what we call “Green Lean Six Sigma.”


Here are the key points that define our mission and approach:


Energy Efficiency without Compromise


We’ve made it our mission to reduce chemical usage and energy consumption during our manufacturing processes. Our aim is to create cutting-edge, energy-saving products that make life easier, such as door closers, handles, and floor springs that require no batteries or power wiring.


Eco-Friendly Hardware Solutions


Our product line embodies eco-friendliness. Our hardware solutions are not only temperature-sensitive and resilient but also cost-effective, making them perfect for both residential and commercial applications.


Shaping Environments with Living Glass


Our Living Glass technology is a testament to our commitment. It provides tree-like shade for homes and businesses, creating comfortable environments while reducing the need for energy-hungry cooling systems.


Serving Architects and Contractors


We’ve earned the trust of architects and contractors who demand the highest standards in building technology. They turn to Hardwyn for advanced and reliable hardware fittings and solutions.


Sustainable Innovations


We believe in resource conservation, sustainable manufacturing, product recycling, and responsible waste and water management. We constantly research ways to eliminate harmful compounds from our processes.


Collaborative Partnerships


We collaborate closely with green home designers, architects, builders, interior designers, and contractors to fulfil our corporate environmental responsibilities and contribute to building sustainable societies.


Features of Our Products


  •       Incorporate advanced technology and eco-friendly design.
  •       Prioritize individual comfort and global sustainability.
  •       Optimize energy usage while maintaining structural flexibility and functionality.
  •       Comply with emission standards.
  •       Contribute to energy conservation technology.
  •       Offer sustainable solutions for both residential and commercial needs.

At Hardwyn, we’re not just a hardware company; we’re pioneers in eco-friendly hardware solutions. Join us in making a positive impact on our planet while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology and sustainable design. Together, we can build a greener future.