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Hardwyn Door Handle & Locks (Fiba Series)

A professional saga in the world of door closing device began in the year 1964, when Hardwyn came into existence. With the passing years, the size of the company faced drastic changes, irrespective of the commitment to quality. Hardwyn stepped into the realm of door handles and locks in the year 2007 with its new series FIBA. Fiba produces a wide range of standard products with quality. It strives to become the most advanced manufacturer of all forms of door locks and handles creating a comprehensive range of such products. Equipped with German technology, a team of diligent workforce had commitment towards imported machines, forging machines, press equipments & high density imported lacquers. With a rare blend of beauty and utility, the product series flaunts a myriad of solutions to choose from. The products are easy to install with hassle free maintenance. Each design is nothing less than a masterpiece that undergoes stringent test measures. The aesthetic masterpieces acquire smooth finish to adorn your dream house.