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Public Private Partnership

Our collaborative engagement model for Public Private Partnership projects mainly focuses on building government infrastructure wherein the private counterparts participate in execution of the projects. We seek approvals from the government authorities for implementation strategies of any project; as a result, accomplish various projects in government, public sector undertakings and related verticals. We have been actively associated in building the commonwealth games, 2010, infrastructure including the sporting venues and other civic structures across the city of New Delhi. Additionally, we also collaborate with the contractors and builders who undertake government projects to provide a complete solution portfolio for architectural hardware solutions. Our adherence to green and sustainable technology has contributed in creating several structures that are 'green' and energy efficient.

We execute our projects in an effective environment for our clients integrating with proper definition and delivery of our hardware fittings solutions to them. Our team is involved in formulating a long-term engagement strategy, in the process, gaining intimate knowledge of the business operations and requirements for the PPP projects. We comply with industry standards and frameworks, as well as engage ourselves in testing and project roll out to accomplish every proposition related to collaborative projects of government and private sector.